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You come in, we prepare your taxes, your money comes. No effort from you, No money out of pocket.

$1,250 Instant Cash Advance

Get up to $1,250 the same day you file your taxes with us. Come in today, or securely upload your W2.


Tax Preparation

Prepare your taxes with us today, and get your absolute maximum tax refund.

Credit Repair

Get approved for a mortgage, a car loan, or even a better job. Remove errors marks from your credit history.


Identity theft protection. Robust solution comparable to those used by the leading financial institutions.

Protection Plus

Afraid of being audited? Consider this your insurance in the event the IRS edits you, up to $2,500.00

Health Insurance

Under the new Affordable Care Act, everyone MUST be covered. However you call it (Obamacare?), we're on your side

Real Estate

We are partnered with one of Broward County's top brokerages to provide Real Estate services to our clients.


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Five locations, four in FL. and one in NC.


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At Advent Financial Corporation, you will find opportunities to learn, grow and make extra income. You will find people excited about what they are doing. You will find a company providing benefits beyond what you might expect. If you are bright, dedicated, and willing to make a serious commitment to an organization that is built on relationships and professionalism, then you owe it to yourself to consider Advent Financial Corporation.

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